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"Everyone on earth should make the best use of their time by doing things of meaning: enjoying loved ones, creating a legacy for generations to enjoy, and doing what you love."

Verdure Watches was founded in 2012 by owner and designer Eddie Johnson. At the age of 8 it was prophesied over his life that God would use him in business. That prophecy has been fulfilled as he successfully reaches new heights in the watch industry by following God's plan. Eddie's motto for Verdure is "Time Well Spent," he believes that in these days everyone should scrutinize the use of their time. As a Christian watch brand this is the primary perspective of his company. His faith in Jesus Christ is the "Anchor" in his life, therefore Eddie attributes that as the force behind the Verdure brand.

a story of family and heritage

Eddie's love of watches stems from generations of discriminating gentlemen who always expressed how important a watch is to a man’s attire. Ever since Eddie was young, he would see his father and grandfather wear different timepieces on a daily basis, and his interest was piqued. Over the years, Eddie’s interest became an obsession and a true passion. He went from sketching cartoons to sketching detailed watch schematics and obsessing over every component of a watch.

A commitment to excellence

He has dedicated his life to his passion and that commitment is shown in every watch that makes it to a person’s wrist. From the young man with talent to the man with a passion, Eddie has come a long way and he plans on taking the world of horology by storm to be the household name for sophisticated timepieces.


At Verdure, we have an all-encompassing eye for beauty and aesthetics. We have a complementary timepiece for every day and any occassion.


Our scrupulous attention to detail and mechanics is second to none. We are true craftsman and we live up to our name with every single watch we create.


Verdure watches are built to last and stand the test of time. Our timepieces are meant to be a symbol of legacy to be passed down from generation to generation.

Our company values

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